n. & v.
—n. (pl. skis or ski)
1 each of a pair of long narrow pieces of wood etc., usu. pointed and turned up at the front, fastened under the feet for travelling over snow.
2 a similar device under a vehicle or aircraft.
4 (attrib.) for wear when skiing (ski boots).
—v. (skis, ski'd or skied; skiing)
1 intr. travel on skis.
2 tr. ski at (a place).
Phrases and idioms:
ski-bob n. a machine like a bicycle with skis instead of wheels.
—v.intr. (-bobbed, -bobbing) ride a ski-bob. ski-bobber a person who ski-bobs. ski-jump
1 a steep slope levelling off before a sharp drop to allow a skier to leap through the air.
2 a jump made from this. ski-jumper a person who takes part in ski-jumping. ski-jumping the sport of leaping off a ski-jump with marks awarded for style and distance attained. ski-lift a device for carrying skiers up a slope, usu. on seats hung from an overhead cable. ski-plane an aeroplane having its undercarriage fitted with skis for landing on snow or ice. ski-run a slope prepared for skiing.
skiable adj.
Etymology: Norw. f. ON skiacuteth billet, snow-shoe

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